About uRepo.org

The Site
The site was created after a long discsussion on the Kodi forums about how to handle Add-ons that didn't quite fit into the rules of the Official Repo. We needed somewhere that wasn't a piracy site but did allow some flexibility with what could be uploaded. uRepo was also designed to be much quicker and automated during the Add-on submission process. It takes many ideas from the old OpenMAID (Meedio Add-on Database) site, one of the first Addon stores ever created for an HTPC app!

The Database
uRepo.org is a community driven database of Add-on metadata. It is our aim to be the most simple and accurate source of Kodi Add-ons from all over the world. We also support additional Add-on metadata over and above the standard kodi data, to make your experience more visually appealing.

Please feel free to email any communication to zag2me (at) gmail.com where we can deal with any queries. You can also use our forums for more general questions regarding the site or its content.

The site is written by a former Kodi team member after user requests over the years. Originally it was used to host my own Add-ons, but has been improved to allow any Developer to contribute.

We aim to be a completely legal site, respecting copyright and others intellectual property. If you see any items on this site that you think are your property and would like them removed please email details to zag2me (at) gmail.com. We aim to comply with all DMCA requests within 2 days. We do not allow any Piracy or Adult Add-ons as a strict rule

An individual uploading content to this site is agreeing to uRepo's terms of use and that he or she owns all copyrights associated with the media and its content or has authorization to upload it. Further, the user agrees to authorize uRepo to use the content that may be otherwise protected by any proprietary rights. All ownership remains with the user but the user grants uRepo permission to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of and display User Submissions in connection with uRepos website.