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- 4 2D buttons effects: Bevel, Shadow, Overlay and Stroke effects are available across the entire skin.
- 8 Layouts: Panel/2/3, Horizontal/2/3, Vertical RTL/LTR.
- 6 Buttons shapes: Rectangles, Rectangles R10, Pillows, Hexagons, Circles, Triangles.
- 6 Views: Center List, Line, Poster, Small List, Side List, and Wall.
Most views have about 10 different settings to fit your preference.
- 11 AutoView setup: Movies, TV shows, Seasons, Episodes, Movies Sets, Actors, Genres, Years, Countries, Studios and Directors.
- 1:1 realtime home design capability. Customized is at the top level, superb easy and fun!
- Build creator: Allow to create your own build in a very unique way.
Also used to save and load previously backups.
- Coloring: Everything can be colored exactly as you want, preview is included.
- DVD Cases: Support display of DVD cases and discs across the skin.
- ExtendedInfo support (Movies/TV/Seasons/Episodes/Actors/Directors/AutoComplete..)
- Fanart: Over 10 properties for fanarts! Including 2 layers of colors and textures.
- Integrated video screen and OSD: Keep watching your video while navigating on any window/view, Video player OSD included!
- Genres: 74 hard coded Genres images are insuring to always be seen in your prefered language.
- Mouse: Full mouse support across the skin.
- Multi Languages: Default buttonss labels may change to your current system language if you require.
Thats feature will work too when loading a shared build.
- Overlay: Up to 10 different values of overlay for any buttons/menus, preview is included.
- Reposition: Movement of objects maybe done automatic, aka RTL and LTR - simply depend on system language.
Movment of home buttons in the skin design window are matching the current layout 1:1.
- Subtitles: The subtitles window display current and previously choosen subtitles, include a Smart Search button and even auto switch between hosts if required.
Subtitle OSD show country language flag and can be used to offset subtitle.
- Touce Devices: Full support across the skin.
- Trailers buttons in click: Can be activated using mouse/touch from the widgets and any of the skin views.
- User customized media: Choose your favourite startup music, video and pictures slideshow music.
- Password Lock: Lock your prefered buttons with a password.
- Web browser: Launch your default OS internet browser from within Kodi.
- Widget: unwatched/recently added movies and inprogress/recently added TV shows (10/15/20 etc).
Additionaly support: Play trailer or up to 20 random trailers, manual/auto refresh, random fanart from widgets..
- Customized Widget: Create up to 10 widgets for each button.




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