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Final update for my addons

Thu May 31, 2018 5:50 am

Hi Zag (and anyone else reading this),

When you started this site I was impressed, it was a great idea and allows easy storage, update and access to addons. I was very pleased that you allowed me to add all my addons to the repo:

At the time I thought that my presence here would bring people to the site and help you to make people aware and we'd see it grow. Although I did most probably generate some interest, I believe that my presence here is now preventing the site from really being what it should.

I have not been involved with much to do with Kodi recently, and haven't really continued my addon development at the same pace as a few years ago. Added to that, I only actually use one of the addons myself (Suitability) so I have decide to do one final tidy up to all my addons and then call it a day. (In future I imagine the only updates I'll do is to the Suitability addon as that is the only one I continue to use)

As part of this update I believe I have removed anything that caused the Kodi team issues a couple of years ago. (With TvTunes even having it's download theme ability removed). This then leads me to my request! :) Please can you talk to the Kodi team to see if they would now be willing to allow you to add the uRepo repository to the Kodi Forum list of repositories and start publicising it there? With me gone, and all the contentious code removed from the addons, I'm not sure why they won't remove uRepo from the blacklist.

It would really be nice to see uRepo and all your hard work get the credit it deserves.

A big thank you from me, it's been a pleasure!


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Re: Final update for my addons

Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:09 am

Thanks Rob, I never really wrote this site for anybody other than to show off what was possible with a community lead Add-on site, but glad you and others have found it useful :) Being independent means we can have our own rules, but we have never really diverged from the Kodi Repo on anything major.

Most of the features on this site were just a working demo, to show why its useful to have user reviews, quick updates, tagging system, auto donations, screenshots etc.

The team Kodi members banned it for other reasons I think, but I will still check to see if they can unblock it. It doesn't bother me really as I just publish my own Add-Ons here with 1 click instead of using GitHub submission which I think is not user friendly. The only thing that really bugs me is removing it from LOG files all the time haha

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Re: Final update for my addons

Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:19 pm

I really was sad about this news.
This addon of life to kodi.

But everything has an end ...

I have one last request. Please see if it's possible.

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Re: Final update for my addons

Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:06 pm

I had already feared something like this... So, once again, many thanks for all your hard work !!

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