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Re: Sonos Support Thread

Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:07 pm

zag wrote:@Rob I think you did already.... but when you approve an Add-on update, make sure you click "build" as well.

That will make the update immediately available from the Repo.

Yes, I spotted that new feature that you added ... a great addition!


P.S. One thing I did notice, if you change the "compatible" version in the addon.xml to a later version, then it doesn't change on the web page - didn't know if it should?

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Re: Sonos Support Thread

Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:33 pm

Love the addon - makes my Amazon Dot actually useful - i set up my queue on kodi laying on my couch - your app sends the queue to sonos and i use alexa to change volume, pause, advance tracks.

I encountered an error where if no track info / track of 0 was present it would get an error in - I have fixed this locally
at the beginning of _addTrack

originalTrackNumber = item.original_track_number
item.original_track_number = 1

This fixes it by forcing a basic track number of 1 - you may be able to fix it officially better than me - but this worked for me.

A question - i can add to my favourites during sonos music library navigation using your app - but i could not then work out how to then choose to play my favourites through your app. I see you have the separate sonos favourites -but that, from memory, is a limited (very limited) queue size and not that useful.

Am I missing something on the favourites, if not, could this be a feature for the future.
I am using the kodi skin Aeon Nox


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