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Re: VideoExtras Support Thread

Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:00 am


2 more questions....

1) Is there anything you can do to have the addon play files back to back if they have the kodi naming convention? In my example i have LOTRPart1.mkv and LOTRPart2.mkv. My only option right now is to play all.

2) i also have the movie memento in chronological order which is made up off 45 different mkv fikes. In the script they show up in the following order:
part 10. mkv
Part 11.mkv

And so forth.

I am assume they get played in this order. Is there anything you can do to play them in numerical order?


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Re: VideoExtras Support Thread

Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:59 am

Fo the main LOTRs movies - shouldn't they be scanned into the library - rather than using VideoExtras?

For the second one - name them part01 part 02 ... should get them in the correct order.


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