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Weblate for addons not presented on Transifex

Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:42 pm

It seems that the Transifex project is being used solely for Kodi and a few skins - i do not like it.
Now I have to monitor 10+ repositories, go through the .xml/.po files with a merge tool, translate and then submit the edited files. After Transifex I am not willing to to it this way any more. What am i going to do - setup a selfhosted Weblate instance.

But what's the point?
When a few people are translating at the same time it is very hard to coordinate.
The Weblate instance will ease the translators and the common dictionary shoiuld result in a better translation. As for the developers - they should know better :) (at least they will not be bothered will pull request).

You might say that there are some addons which have separate Transifex projects- indeed. But my idea is to have as many as possible on one place. Translators should be eased and people without git experience will be able to translate addons not presented on some Transifex like platform.

If a developer is reading this - Would you share your opinion? Are you willing to move from pool request to such workflow for translation management?

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Re: Weblate for addons not presented on Transifex

Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:11 am

I'm always up for progress, but I would question the need to re-invent the wheel here...

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